lookout tower residence

concept for a modern fire watch residence on a mountain

seattle home, modern house, seattle architect, zinc siding

rendering of a courtyard house on a corner lot

The Nook House

a high performance urban infill project

seattle architect, washington home, urban home, view house

rendering of a 5 story home on a small steep site with a view

modern brick

rendering of a modern brick house with a view

contempoary architecture, gable, pacific northwest design, astoria

concept for a coastal lodge style home

seattle architect, apartment design, contemporay condo, live work

design rendering of an apartment building on a steep hillside

home architect, seattle, house design, modern house

concept for a modern home in a natural setting

sculptural design, museum, hotel, astoria, rendering

a design concept for a modern public rural building

modern home, rural house, portland architect, modern cabin

conceptual rending of a waterfront home with a river view

modern bathroom, ocean view, coastal architect, beach house

interior rendering of a master bathroom with a view of the ocean

bar, hospitality design, modern architecture, glowing ball

design concept for a bar and club

home design, multi family, commerical architect, modern architecture

concept for the front street facade of an apartment building

museum, gable, astoria, logging, camp 18

rendering of a logging museum & memorial

brick entry

rendering of an entry facade to a modern house

modern car collector house

rendering of a house for a car collector

beach house tower

rendering for town home towers near the beach

kirkland japanese castle

concept for a modern forest home with battered walls and a white wing roof

modern home, astoria architect, oregon archtitecture, modern cabin

design concept for a modern house in a rural setting

seattle architect, cantilever, view home, modern house

conceptual rendering of a house in Seattle

modern steep slope residence

rendering of a new contemporary home on a steep slope

modern home, remodel, kirkland architect, green roof

conceptual rendering of a house remodel with a green roof

modern hotel, elevator, historic, astoria

concept for a hotel remodel and addition

astoria, mill pond, scandanavian, fishing village

rendering for a house on a pond


A selection of work in various stages of development